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   Salon Pawlicies:

* Pets must be current on Rabies and Distemper-Parvo vaccinations.

* Grooming takes 4-6 hours

* 24 hour cancellation is required in order to aviod a no-show fee

* Aggressive dogs....  you must inform us that your dog has bitten . We will take every pre-caution to protect our staff during grooming

*Good Health/ Pest Free Zone......  We work diligently to maintain a clean, safe and pest-free facility. We will not accept a sick pet. Your pet must be pest free. If presented with flea's, we will immediantly re-bathe with our flea and tick shampoo , which is an additional fee of $6.00.  

** RELEASE WAIVER** .. by your signature, you acknoledge you have read our posted policies, terms, procedures, prices and agree to be found by these conditions upon each visit to Ooh La La Pet Spa.. 

*Initial quotes are an estimate and are based on..*

- Weight

- Age

- Condition of coat

- Temperament of Pet 


* All Prices are subject to change without notice*




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