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*All Prices listed are Estimates and subject to change based on the individual dog, size, behavior, condition of coat, and the haircut desired. 
In event of severe matting/tangled condition or aggressive behavior service could be denied 
Groom Service estimates*
Toy/Small Terrier/Poodle/Shi-tzu/Maltese: $55 - $65+? 
Cocker Spaniel/Medium Poodle/Terrier/Mini Doodle  $65-85+?
  Standard Terrier/Poodles/Doodles : $95-125+?
Bath Service estimates*
  Small: $20 - $45+?  
Medium: $38 - $55+?  
Large: $48 - $65+?  
x-large: $55 - $85+? 
Poms/Collies/Shepards/Goldens long fur is higher cost 


?(De-matting fees $30/hr. Hand scissor grooms $30/hr, Deshedding fee $20/hr, handling fees for difficult dogs$10,
treating for fleas $6 is charged above and beyond base groom/bath cost.)



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