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 Why does my dog have to be at the shop between 8:30 & 10:30 a.m.?

 Unlike hair salons where appointments are scheduled throughout the day, dogs being groomed do better on a more relaxed schedule. Trying to rush a dog through the entire grooming process in a hour or so would be detrimental to the dog’s state of mind & more physically challenging.

 A calm atmosphere & plenty of time for each dog is essential. Since dogs are very sensitive to energy levels, an in & out policy wouldn’t be practical or conducive to a stress-free grooming experience.

 The grooming process takes a minimum 4 to 6 hours.  We will call you when your dog is complete.  If you arrive before your pet is done, and the pet sees or hears you, we will be unable to complete the groom.  Your dog will become too excited and unable to maintain composure on the grooming table.  We Close when all grooming completed, usually 3-4pm. 

 We do offer express service.  Small dogs will be done in two and a half hours. $10.00 additional charge.  Larger dogs will be done in three and a half hours.  $15.00 additional charge.  


What will happen if my dog is matted?

 If there is a way that a dog can be de-matted & brushed out without pain or injury to the skin, we will always do that. If the matting is severe or in sensitive spots, it’s always best to clip the coat short & “start over”.

 A painful experience can make a dog reluctant to be groomed, even under normal grooming conditions. A dog’s coat will always grow back; he will only have a “crew cut” for a few weeks.

 Dogs get matted in a variety of ways. The most common manner in which indoor dogs develop mats is by constantly rubbing or rolling on carpet, playing/wrestling with a companion dog, wearing collars, harnesses or sweaters consistently or by scratching, biting or licking themselves.

 Outdoor dogs can also develop matted coats by repeatedly getting wet & then drying without brushing. The best way to keep your dog mat free is regular brushing at home with the proper tools for his coat type or having him bathed/brushed, or just brushed, by grooming professionals 


When will my dog be ready?

We will always do our best to honor an owners request for a specific time, however it’s always best to provide a phone number that we can call to let you know when your dog is, or will be, ready.

During the grooming process, dogs tend to need some “down time” between each step. To avoid having dogs become stressed, we space out the phases & make sure each dog has plenty of personal attention. Also, some grooms can be more time consuming & require the flexibility of some extra time to complete. We always want each dog to look & feel their best.

What is the actual grooming process?

After a dog is checked in & has had some time to adjust to his surroundings, he will usually be checked over or "prepped" by his groomer.

This includes brushing, de-matting & removing excess hair if necessary, clipping nails, cleaning ears, etc.. The next step, after resting for a bit, is bathing, using the shampoo or treatment that has been requested.

Also, during bathing the anal glands are expressed upon request. After bathing, dogs are towel dried & then blown dry with a high velocity air dryer to remove excess water & fluff (or smooth) the coat. Then they are put in one of our pet friendly cages with a towel and one of our tube dryers to remove the rest of the water from their coat.

The next & final step is "finishing". This is when the haircutting and brushing out begins, depending on the cut, also we will begin the shaving process & usually this takes the most time. When the groomer is pleased with & proud of the result, the grooming is complete. Also keep in mind it's not a fast process, but it's structured to make sure each dog has a relaxed, rewarding experience & leaves looking good & feeling refreshed.


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